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Is it too late for Android on the desktop?
Episode 1021st March 2022 • Android Bytes (powered by Esper) •
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On this week's episode, we pile in on Android's potential convergence play with traditional (and not-so-traditional) desktop and laptop computing. Can this operating system get to a "5-in-1" paradise? We're joined by Juan Carlos Bagnell, longtime commentator (AKA SomeGadgetGuy), and Braden Farmer, creator of the app Taskbar.

  • 02:05 - How did the desktop-ification of Android start out?
  • 08:52 - How did Microsoft's attempt with Continuum on Windows Mobile fare?
  • 12:09 - What did Samsung and other OEMs do to pick up the baton? Do they have a sustainable interest in developing desktop continuity?
  • 23:45 - How does a phone communicate with external devices in the context of continuation — both wired and wirelessly?
  • 34:43 - Where do OEMs and consumers get incentives to foster, use, and make viable desktop mode for Android?
  • 43:24 - What are the deep technical aspects that make Taskbar work?
  • 47:34 - Is Android a good candidate for workflows that include freeform windows?

Android Bytes is hosted by Mishaal Rahman, Senior Technical Editor, and David Ruddock, Editor in Chief, of Esper.

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