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The Anti-Aging Treatment That’s Solves So Much More Than Wrinkles w/Lauren Gallagher
Episode 2116th March 2021 • Anti-Aging Uncensored • Jill Gilbert
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The anti-aging treatment conversation would be incomplete without an exploration of Botox! This magical and multifaceted treatment has the power to help with everything from wrinkles and skin texture to excessive sweating and pain. 

For the same price as an expensive eye cream, you can get your crow’s feet injected and so much more. That’s why more and more people are jumping on the Botox bandwagon, including younger people, who use it as a preventive tool. 

For all its amazing uses and applications, Botox hasn’t even been tapped fully for its potential. I had a conversation with a medical professional who will share all the incredible ways it can be used to achieve your anti-aging goals. 

How does Botox work, and what are some of the little-known ways it can be used? What’s the difference between cosmetic Botox and medical Botox? 

In this episode, Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Lauren Gallagher gives a breakdown of Botox and why it’s such a popular and powerful treatment. 

Guest Bio 

Lauren Gallagher is an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist at SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic and Spa. She worked in healthcare and hospital administration for six years before returning to school to receive her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Samuel Merritt University. She decided to pursue Aesthetics professionally to combine her love for all things science with helping others learn how to take better care of their skin through innovative technology – including treatments, procedures, and machines.

Working in the aesthetics field allows Lauren the opportunity to make a contribution to her clients’ overall well-being on a daily basis. She is grateful every day she comes into work and is able to help her clients feel better about the way they look and feel. Lauren ultimately wants to assist her clients to achieve a better version of themselves. “If I can help my clients to look and feel their best, then I feel like I’ve been successful.”

Clients who see Lauren say she’s fun, easy to talk to, and very caring. “If we aren’t laughing at some point during our appointment together, I’d be surprised. I want my clients to leave our appointment having had a great experience.”

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