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State of the Procurement Recruitment Market in 2022 - A Live Special
Episode 203rd February 2022 • ProctoCast: Real World Procurement Conversation • James Meads
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Welcome to our very first ProctoCast of 2022!

We decided to do something a little bit different this time and record a live episode, which we streamed to the Proctopus LinkedIn Page. Then we took the recording and edited it into a podcast, which is what you're listening to here.

With the start of the new year often being a time to reflect, and perhaps do a bit of window shopping in terms of what jobs are out there, we thought it would be a great opportunity to sit down and discuss recruitment trends in 2022.

Joining James and Dave on the podcast are UK-based specialist procurement recruiters Martin Smith of Talent Drive and Julie Edwards of ProcureOne.

What does 2022 have in store for jobs and careers in procurement?

We kick off my asking Martin and Julie to dispel some popular myths about recruiters.

It's also interesting to hear how the market is shifting from what was a very employer-driven market back in 2020 to what is now very much a candidate-driven market.

We explore the challenges in finding the right talent when it comes to more entry-level or mid-senior positions, whereas for the more senior roles there tends to be a trend for previously freelance contractors to be considering moved back into permanent positions.

It's also interesting to hear Martin and Julie's thoughts about what employers are looking for as skills, and how flexible they tend to be when it comes to experience and the transferability of certain skill sets.

Then, we move on to talk about emerging trends, such as the increased demand for digitally savvy procurement professionals and the need for employers to clearly state their values on relevant issues such as sustainability and diversity.

We continue with Dave and James also sharing some on-the-ground experience and also explore how candidates can explore picking up necessary skills outside of the workplace, such as by taking part in networking groups like Proctopus, listening to podcasts or attending conferences.

Finally, we look at whether the contractor market will boom in future, as companies start to move towards a more contingent workforce to take advantage of more flexible working arrangements. Also, whether the shortage of talent will help to facilitate those who require a work permit to get the opportunity to be considered for roles which otherwise would have easily been filled natively.

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