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Prayer 2021 - September 20 - Prayer and Miracles pt 2
Episode 26120th September 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

 Psalm 66:20

“Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld His Love from me!”

Prayer and Miracles pt 2

Yesterday, we introduced the subject of “Prayer and Miracles.” We outlined the fact that a miracle is simply God imposing His will and actions in such a way that it overrides the natural order of things. Such as healing a broken arm in six seconds instead of six weeks. But when x-ray or an MRI is done, it looks just like an arm that had undergone the entire healing process. 

That was just one example. Amen!

But we also discussed that it is not a good way to live if you are dependent on miracles coming your way on a daily basis – especially if it is a result of you messing things up in the natural! 

Ok…Like I said, I believe in miracles…I believe in signs and wonders….I walk and believe according to Mark 16:15-21….but, we also need to look at Ephesians 6:16-18 and take OUR SHIELD OF FAITH and OUR SWORD OF THE SPIRIT and we should always be praying with all different kinds of prayer…all different manners of prayer.

We will be studying them…in Matthew we will see that the Prayer of Binding and Loosing is first, followed by the Prayer of Agreement….but, for clarity purposes…I want to start with the Prayer of Agreement…because I believe it will help you to grasp the rest…amen!

Ok, we are wearing God’s armor…praying always…every waking moment…I want you to remember our three basic points we started this series with:  

We do not try to get God’s attention with our prayers…

We do not try to change God with our prayers…

We DO communicate with God with our prayers so we can receive from Him what He has already said belongs to us.

Your prayer life should be your most consistent thing you do each and every day – all day long…because JESUS IS IN YOU!  He said that “he and the father will come and make their abode” in each and every believer….are you a believer?  If so, then GOD Himself and Jesus – is in you right now…everywhere you go, they go…everything you do – you are making them do….stop and think about the club you went to last night and who you went home with last night….if you are a believer…….hmmm…I’ll leave that alone for right now…but I want you to see this…that is why I said that decisions we make affect our lives….and if we stay in a constant state of communication with God through Prayer…we avoid a lot of things that have brought strife into our hearts…some people have gone to clubs and had bad things happen to them….diseases…rapes…murders…the list goes on and on…if they would have only NOT gone to the club…these things would not have happened.  I’m not saying these things to be mean…I just, again, want to bring to your attention that the decisions we make have ramifications that can last for years…. 

Thanks bet to God for the Blood of Jesus which cleanses us from ALL our sins…AMEN!  We are not under condemnation…we are under GRACE!  Amen!  If what I just said convicted you of your sin…REPENT!  Ask Jesus to forgive and to help you….amen!  I don’t know what you have gone through….I don’t need to know  and I don’t want to know…it is between you and God through Jesus….amen!!!  It is NOBODY else’s business either….just you and Jesus – Jesus washes it away…and leads you to the father….and the father sees nothing but Righteousness when He sees you…amen!!!

Well, I’m already over time for today, so let’s stop right here. We will take it up again tomorrow. 

Let’s Pray! 

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