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075 How to Deal with a Property Claim with Duncan Greenwood
Episode 758th November 2021 • The Surveyor Hub Podcast • Marion Ellis
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Duncan Greenwood is a Partner at DAC Beachcroft LLP, a global legal practice with offices across Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America focusing on insurance, health, and real estate sectors. He is a professional indemnity lawyer who has been defending claims against professionals for the last 25 years -- leading the professional property practice in the UK. Duncan has dedicated his entire career to helping surveyors with his profound understanding of the industry and regulatory frameworks around it. 

What is Covered:

- At what stage a professional indemnity lawyer gets involved in a property claim

- How good client communication can prevent claims

- How to respond to a claim

- How claims can affect a surveyor’s PII

- Why collecting evidence and documentation is a crucial professional practice

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