086: Interview with Pilou Souldance
Episode 8626th October 2020 • The Dance Your Heart On Fire Podcast • Charles Ogar
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In this episode we talk about Pilou's dance journey starting from growing up in Martinique to the differences between Brazilian zouk, kizomba, and urban kiz, integration into the Portuguese dance scene, connection versus technique, and having sensuality while maintaining respect on the dance floor, and much more!

You can find the show notes for the podcast at http://www.neokizomba.com/podcast/086.

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The Dance Your Heart On Fire Podcast is a podcast that was created to inspire dancers worldwide whose hearts have been touched by music and dance. The universal language of dance is spoken by many of us around the world, uniting us together. We want to motivate the dancer in you by sharing stories, insights, and ideas to enhance your journey.

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Who am I?

I am a danceprenuer (instructor, event organizer, DJ, mentor, & podcaster) that primarily works in the kizomba scene. I also run an online membership site for kiz tutorials dedicated to helping kiz dancers around the world level up their kiz skills at learntokiz.com

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