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2 | Patrick Vickers | Exposing Cancer Myths Through A Therapy?
28th June 2021 • The Dr. Haley Show • Michael Haley
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What if you found out that everything you believed about cancer treatment was untrue? 

On today’s show, we interview Director and Founder of the Northern Baja Gerson Center, Dr. Vickers who shatters some conventional beliefs about cancer treatment. You will learn about the revolutionary Gerson Therapy which relies on nutrition and detoxification to treat cancer.

As a young adult, Patrick had his eyes set on becoming a chiropractor. However, a chance encounter with Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of the famous German-born American physician, Dr. Max Gerson changed the course of his life forever.

Many consider Dr. Max Gerson one of the foremost geniuses of medical history for his path-breaking Gerson Therapy that relies on nutrition and detoxification to treat cancer patients. 

Dr. Gerson is also credited with curing the Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Albert Schweizer for advanced diabetes in just six weeks. It is hardly surprising that seven movies have already chronicled Dr. Gerson’s life and his incredible work. 

Patrick was one of the few people who got a chance to study all the secret patient files that Dr. Gerson had painstakingly assembled from 1910-1959. 

Eventually, his desire to take Gerson Therapy forward led to Patrick founding The Gerson Clinic in beautiful Mexico. 

On today’s show, Patrick makes some startling revelations that go against some conventional, long-held beliefs about cancer treatment.

You will learn WHY chemotherapy and PET scans do more harm and good, especially if you are battling early-stage cancer. 

If you are being treated for advanced cancer, you will learn about insulin potentiated chemotherapy which results in highly targeted treatment. And that too with minimal side-effects.

We also reveal some of the foods that cancer patients should absolutely avoid. 

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Why you should avoid chemotherapy if you are suffering from early-stage cancer
  • Why you should never feed raw foods to a cancer patient. Never. 
  • How Gerson therapy can benefit those who are completely healthy
  • How insulin potentiated chemotherapy can help those fighting with advanced cancer
  • Foods that cancer patients should absolutely avoid
  • And so much more…


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