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“Dark Garden Lake” by Kayodé Lycaon (Read by Ardy Hart, part 2 of 2)
27th February 2023 • The Voice of Dog • Khaki and friends.
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Having been given his mission, Moshi must now wrestle with this conscience as he prepared to carry it out.

Today’s story is the second and final part of “Dark Garden Lake” by Kayode Lycaon, a gregarious painted wolf from the questionable habitat of southwest Ohio. This story “Dark Garden Lake” appears in The Reclamation Project - Year One by FurPlanet, and you can find more of Kayodé’s stories on his website

Last time, Moshi was given a mission to neutralize the so-called terrorist Landolf. We now join Moshi in the armory before he heads down to Ambara.

Read by Ardy Hart, a wolf of all trades. | Apple podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

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