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Caregiver Spotlight - Wes Craven
Episode 341st December 2020 • Sage Aging • Liz Craven
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This week on sage aging

Connecting with other caregivers is important. Knowing that you're not alone in the things that you're experiencing, and hearing how other caregivers navigate their caregiving journey can go a long way in helping you to navigate yours. This week, my guest (and hubby!), Wes Craven, shares his caregiving experience with us. It was Wes who conceived of and wrote Polk ElderCare Guide almost 27 years ago, inspired by his grandmother's journey with Alzheimer's disease and his mother's struggle to care for her. Together, we have spent the last decade or so caring for our parents. It has been quite a journey and in this episode, you will hear about it from his perspective. 

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