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#438: Blind Loyalty - 101 Loyalty Concepts - Simplified
Episode 43828th September 2023 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Today's episode of Let's Talk Loyalty and Loyalty TV features one of our favorite and most frequent guests on the show, Amanda Cromhout.

Amanda is the Founder and CEO of Truth, a loyalty consultancy firm based in South Africa, and she is also well-known to you all, as a host of an episode every month of Let's Talk Loyalty. Most importantly this year, in 2023, Amanda was recognized globally and voted the International Loyalty Personality of the Year.


Today, Amanda joins us on the show to share the launch of her book called "Blind Loyalty – 101 Loyalty Concepts SIMPLIFIED", a book which has profound personal meaning for Amanda as she will explain.

I believe it's a book that will become a bible for loyalty marketing professionals around the world as we increasingly strive for knowledge and global excellence, and we are thrilled that so many insights from "Let's Talk Loyalty" are mentioned throughout the book.

Amanda’s team in Truth has painstakingly listened to every guest’s answer to our opening question about what is their favourite loyalty program, and her book holds the definite list of answers from our guests over the last 18 months and which programs were answered most often! So, whether you want to simply learn about loyalty in a way that’s truly simplified, or you want to support the Blind Loyalty Trust, or if you’re just curious about whether your program made the list of the industry’s favorites, you are sure to love this show! 

Listen to enjoy our conversation with Amanda Cromhout from Truth!

Show Notes:

1) Amanda Cromhout

2) Truth

3) Blind Loyalty Trust

4) Blind Loyalty – 101 Loyalty Concepts SIMPLIFIED

5) Amanda Recognised as the International Loyalty Personality of the Year⁠

6) Watch the full video interview on Loyalty TV





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