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311: Heather Osgood - People Expect to Be Led Differently
Episode 31113th June 2022 • Leadership Is Changing • Denis Gianoutsos.
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A change of opportunities calls for a change of expectations. How do we, as leaders, navigate our way to become effective throughout this shift? In this episode, Denis welcomes Heather Osgood, founder of True Native Media. Heather discusses the importance of adapting to change, dreaming a bigger dream, and being willing to take on challenges. Today's leaders must be able to listen well - both to their teams and the world - in order to be successful. 

Heather Osgood is the founder of True Native Media, a boutique podcast representation agency specializing in podcast advertising. With an extensive background in radio advertising and love for podcasting, Heather was in a unique position to start an agency that could help both advertisers get better results and assist podcasters in finding sponsors. She is an influential voice in the podcast advertising space and has sold over 50K ads in the last five years. Heather is also the Podcast Moneymaker's creator, a course designed for podcasters who want the formula, tools, and tactics to get advertisers in 6 weeks. 

Tune in as Denis and Heather discuss what it takes for team members to feel like they're part of something greater than themselves–if leaders cannot provide this motivation for their team, they may lose them. 

In this episode:

  • Heather Osgood shares her experience as the founder of True Native Media and host of her own show Podcast Advertising Playbook.
  • There are differences between leading an independent contractor versus having an employee and one employee versus multiple employees.
  • When doing business, it's easy to get lost in the details, but it's important to have a clear vision and focus on what's important.
  • It is essential for leaders to respond well to different situations. Leadership is changing because of the fragmentation of the world.
  • Listening is important for understanding what is happening around us and for building relationships with those close to us and with our team.
  • Heather talks about one of her favorite leadership books, which is Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux.
  • Leadership will increasingly be evident as individuals need to be able to lead themselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Finding out your roles as a leader and entrepreneur can be difficult to figure out
  • Push yourself beyond what you think you can accomplish
  • The world is changing and leadership is changing with it
  • The leaders who are successful today are those who are able to listen well
  • It is also important to listen to the world in general, as changes happen constantly
  • Leadership is not about a pyramid - it becomes about having individual leadership
  • Change of opportunities calls for a change of expectations
  • Leadership is about having a voice, having a say, and having an opinion

Tweetable Quotes:

“There are different levels, I think, of growth that's appropriate as you grow with a team. And really, it's about figuring out how you can structure what each of those people is doing and then I think most importantly, and most difficult is what exactly is your role as a leader.” - Heather Osgood

“People want to feel like they're part of something that is greater than themselves. And if you, as a leader, can't provide that motivation for someone, I think that's when you lose them, right? You lose their attention.” - Heather Osgood

Connect with Heather on Instagram and LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter, and check out her website. You can also look into True Native Media and its YouTube Channel.



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