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Artificial Intelligence- The technology that created disruption in the business world
Episode 2717th February 2023 • Business Veda • Malay Damania
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“AI is disrupting the core of living life in general and primarily businesses”- Malay Damania.

Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept but currently it has been incorporated into a lot of sectors and industries. It is changing the operation of business processes.

Key Takeaways

  • The biggest benefit of AI is automation. The algorithm can automate routine and repetitive tasks, leaving extra time for your employees to focus on creative tasks.
  • It improves customer experience by increasing satisfaction and loyalty.
  • AI offers accuracy of forecast by analyzing data and creating patterns.  
  • AI offers many benefits but it has given rise to the biggest challenge of loss of jobs by adding in to unemployment issues.
  • The concern of privacy and data protection is rising too, as in the end AI is also a vulnerable technology.

With time humans will increasingly start being dependent on Artificial Intelligence which will take away their intelligence to think critically and creatively. It can surely hamper the human evolution process. 

Listen to the entire episode to know more about the latest buzzword in technology- AI. 

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