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From Big Law to Building Dreams: Ben Gideon's Journey to a Value-Driven Law Firm
Episode 2818th April 2023 • Working the Wow! • Judd Shaw
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Running a law firm is vastly different from being employed by one. But what exactly does it take to build your own law firm from the ground up? How can aspiring founders gain the skills needed to succeed?

After 20 years of laboring away at large, successful, law firms, Ben Gideon knew the natural next step for his career was to build a law firm of his own. Just one small problem... Law school doesn’t teach you how to start a law firm. That education is a rocky river that Ben had to learn how to navigate on his own. 

Luckily among the many lessons Ben shares with us is finding someone to grow with you. One When Ben met his partner, Taylor Asen, he knew that their combination of skills and knowledge could build an extraordinary business. 

As the team pushed forward, they had to get down in the trenches and figure out how everything works. In doing so, Ben realized just how important the small things were. While developing their operations manual, Ben ensured value-focused operations in every detail — right down to how someone answers the phone. When you pay attention to the little things, your customers and clients will take notice.

Thanks to professionals like Ben who forged ahead on their own, lawyers starting their firms don’t have to. As Ben’s final piece of advice, he leaves us with“A rising tide lifts all boats, and when we share tips and tricks with fellow lawyers, we’re all better off for it.”

Listen to this episode of Working The Wow Podcast with Judd Shaw featuring Ben Gideon, Attorney and Partner at Gideon Asen. Ben talks about the value of smaller law firms, his strategies for building a firm from the ground up, and his podcast that blends trial law with personal growth. Additionally, Ben discusses the influential people in his life and how his team champions their clients. 

In this episode: 

  • [0:35] Judd Shaw welcomes his guest, Ben Gideon
  • [1:01] Ben shares the details of his podcast, Elawvate
  • [3:09] Ben talks about the accomplishments of his wife, Sara, and what it was like being the first husband in politics
  • [5:04] Why did Ben leave a large law firm to start his own?
  • [10:36] Ben explains why the small details matter
  • [14:45] How does Gideon Asen hold up their “champion” attitude?
  • [19:09] Ben discusses how he met Taylor Asen and started the firm
  • [22:26] Why it’s important for lawyers to share tips with each other and give back to the community
  • [26:35] How Ben was influenced by his parents
  • [30:34] Developing a code of conduct within Gideon Asen
  • [35:07] Ben talks about what it’s like running a law firm
  • [37:54] What Ben loves about Maine — and the challenges since Covid

🎙️ Meet Your Host 🎙️

Name: Judd B. Shaw

What he does: Judd founded Judd Shaw Injury Law (JSIL) and serves as the firm’s Brand Chief. He founded the firm on the premise that clients come first. Over the years, the success he attained for his clients helped JSIL grow significantly. Judd’s clients are not just another number to him or his law firm.

Company: Judd Shaw Injury Law

Words of wisdom: "At Judd Shaw Injury Law, it’s all about high-quality representation and excellence in client service. Our clients are counting on us to win and the stakes are high. Our endless pursuit for awesomeness through our core values, the ability to WOW our clients, is in our DNA."

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🎙️ Featured Guest 🎙️

Name: Ben Gideon

Short Bio: Ben is an Attorney and Partner at Gideon Asen, a personal injury and medical malpractice firm in Portland and Bangor, Maine. Ben began his law career in private practice at Latham & Watkins in New York City before returning to Maine to join Berman & Simmons, PA, Maine’s largest plaintiff’s law firm. He spent 17 years at Berman & Simmons before founding Gideon Asen. Ben has been named in Best Lawyers in America every year since 2013 and was named “Lawyer of the Year” twice for the state of Maine, among many other accomplishments. 

Company: Gideon Asen

Connect: LinkedIn | Email

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