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Jon St. John @ Realms Deep 2020
6th September 2020 • In The Keep • In The Keep
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Jon St. John is the voice of Duke Nukem… If that isn’t enough for you, he has also appeared in Postal 4, Amnesia, Sonic the Hedgehog, CS:GO, Dota 2, Half Life & Ion Fury, as well as a slew of other incredible games throughout his career. Aside from that, Jon has been a top 40 radio DJ & now runs King Con Cruise, a luxury Caribbean adventure with fellow celebrity voice actors. Here we take a walk down memory lane with the Duke himself. // Jon St. John: // Fred Schreiber: // Editing by Haducant, Vince Steel, RedEyesGreenDragon // The Keep: // Realms Deep 2020: // 

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