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From Traffic to Profit: The Importance of Retention in Digital Marketing - With Andrew Christison, Co-Founder at Retencity
Episode 76th April 2023 • The Conversion Show • Erik Christiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Justuno
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In this episode of "The Conversion Show," Erik Christiansen, CEO and co-founder of Justuno, is joined by Andrew Christison, Co-Founder of Retencity, to discuss the three pillars of traffic, conversion, and retention in the marketing industry.

Andrew emphasizes the importance of retention in generating profit for brands and discusses various strategies for creating a positive customer experiences that encourage loyalty.

Andrew and Erik talk through:

  • What exactly is "lifecycle marketing"?!
  • How Email and SMS remain the top acquisition and retention channels
  • Why retention is key to profit
  • Maximizing what's right in front of you
  • The importance of social proof, risk reversal, and conversion optimization
  • Utilizing testing and optimizing strategies to improve conversion and retention rates
  • Aligning leadership with agencies to improve customer retention

Host: Erik Christiansen -

Guest: Andrew Christison -






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