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Dental Marketing Demystified: How to Drive Growth and Stand Out in the Industry
Episode 792nd November 2023 • Beyond Bitewings • Edwards & Associates, PC
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How soon should you start seeing results from your marketing company? 

In this episode of Beyond Bitewings, Ash welcomes Brandon Hubbard, Founder of Pain-Free Dental Marketing to talk about what every dental practice should know about marketing. 

They discuss the ins and outs of marketing expenses in dental practices, and they shed light on the essential aspects that play a role in successful marketing, such as building trust, effective communication with marketing firms, and the emotional connections that patients make when choosing a dentist. From appointment reminders to content generation, they discuss the various elements that contribute to exceptional patient experiences and the overall success of a dental practice. 

Plus, they discuss the marketing budget, address misconceptions about SEO, and offer valuable insights into measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts. 

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