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99. TLY - Oh Master | Vincenzo | L.U.C.A. | Scripting Your Destiny | Hello Me
1st July 2021 • Dramas Over Flowers • Saya, Anisa, and Paroma
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In this episode of the Long Yak (which was recorded on the same day as the last long yak and is therefore technically Part 2 of a very, very Long Yak), we discuss some dramas we finally completed, and some we rewatched. TIME STAMPS: 1:56 - Oh Master 13:35 - Vincenzo 30:12 - Hello Me 37:36 - L.U.C.A. 40:34 - Scripting Your Destiny 42:54 - Use For My talent/Clean With Passion For Now 56:03 - Bring it On, Ghost 01:07:06 - The Riddle Anisa's review of Hello Me: ~ Our Squishilicious Patrons ~ Egads, Steven, Lia W., Hades, Gracefulegg, Divina, Saoirse10, MCG, Humbledaisy, Eunice Choi, Jojo, Rue, k8ekol, mindy, Liliana, Edyth, Marcia, unatuna, Dr. Chi, Lesley H, G. K, Lynette, Vani, Helena, Staci, Hanna, Eazal, Natalie, Sarah Hope, Frances, David F, Yu Jin Young, Julia, O’Lakes, Foongy L., Lindsey, sah fa, Dianne, MelG, and latest additions to our fam: Anonymous Listener, Haru, and Fredrika! We are so appreciative of your support. Thank you! ❤︎ Follow us on Twitter @dramasoverflow and Instagram @dramasoverflowers_. Email us at Support us on Patreon or by leaving a review on the podcast app of your choice, or simply by telling your friends. Dramas Over Flowers is part of the Frolic podcast network. Find more podcasts you’ll love at This episode was edited by Paroma