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Passing Your Business on to the Next Generation - Part 2: The Deal [E073]
Episode 736th July 2023 • Business By The Numbers • LSTN Media LLC
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Welcome back! Now, for part 2 of Passing Your Business on to the Next Generation. Today, Hunt continues to explore the crucial steps involved in transitioning your business to the next generation. Last week, He talked about effective communication, creating a solid plan, and achieving a balanced deal that ensures both your retirement and your children's success. Today, Hunt deep dives into some of the technicalities of the process, providing valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

Selling Stock vs. Selling Assets to your children: Factors that influence whether you should sell the stock or the assets of your business. Gain a better understanding of the kinds of situations where you might make either choice.

Financing: Get insight about the best way for your child to get the loan they’ll need to buy your business. Is it ever a good idea to finance it yourself?

Gifting the Business: Learn some of the necessary steps to safeguard your business when planning to gift it. Hunt shares some strategies to ensure everything is in order and explores options available for gifting your business.

Passing Your Business on to the Next Generation - Part 1: The Basics

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