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The Second War (Part 2)
Episode 2923rd January 2024 • Lorewalking • Bellular
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Stormwind was cut down like wheat to the Orcish scythe. A minor inconvenience in the glorious march of the unstoppable Horde. Its burning husk was proof that no force on Azeroth could oppose the Orcs. They built great fortresses throughout the land, carving out Blackrock Mountain as their capital. But as the Horde readies for war, Orgrim Doomhammer rises up against Blackhand the Destroyer, smashing his body and rule over the Horde. Orgrim is now Warchief, but has discovered a plot leading back to the Warlocks of the Shadow Council. These weak Warlocks have no right to rule the Horde from the shadows and are all executed. Now with a united Horde under his control, he turns his bloodthirsting gaze north.





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