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How Gratitude Impacts You, Your Team, and Your Business
Episode 1523rd November 2021 • Survive & Thrive • Jennifer Ayres
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Now is the week of gratitude. For this special Thanksgiving episode, we chat about the social and emotional benefits of practicing gratitude. We cover what the research says and why gratitude is so important. Not only does gratitude impact you tremendously, but it can also bolster healthy relationships and overall work environment. Listen to the episode to learn more about ways you can show your gratitude this holiday season.  


What is gratitude? (1:37) 

Jen defines gratitude and talks about its roots. She specifies what it means to her and how it can impact us.  

The Science of Gratitude:  

The Research (2:40) 

Jen dives into how gratitude impacts our happiness, according to scientists.  

Tips for Daily Gratitude (3:20) 

Jen shares tips on how to practice daily gratitude. Through writing down what you’re grateful for every day, you can shift your mindset and your happiness.  

Grateful Leaders:  

Your Relationships (4:47) 

Gratitude can not only impact you, but your relationships. Jen discusses how leaders that express gratitude can influence their team’s engagement, respectfulness, and retention. Thankful leaders are more likely to have the confidence of their team than ungrateful ones.    

Showing Gratitude (5:48) 

So, how can leaders show their gratitude? Jen chats about small and big ways you can practice your gratitude. She shares examples of how she expressed gratitude to her team and how that boosted morale and built better relationships during Covid.   

During the Holiday Season (7:27) 

If you’re looking to do more than just say thank you, Jen offers more involved ways to show gratitude. Drawing on a Glassdoor survey, employees feel more appreciated when given a choice in certain matters.   

How are you grateful? 

What Jen is grateful for (8:14) 

Before wrapping up, Jen shares what she’s grateful for this holiday season. She leaves on a quote that epitomizes why being thankful is so important.  

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