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Cultivating Authenticity and Bridging Generational Gaps in Financial Services with Jackie Wilke
Episode 13611th October 2023 • Bridging The Gap • Bridging The Gap
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Tune in to this week's episode as Matt connects with Jackie Wilke, Vice President and Advisor Consultant at First Trust, and Author of "Insights & Innovations," a blog focused on business development for financial professionals and enterprises. Together, they delve into valuable insights across a range of financial industry topics.

Drawing on her experience working alongside financial professionals and exploring the resources offered by First Trust, Jackie stresses the importance of authenticity and remaining true to oneself in an ever-evolving industry. Jackie also discusses the challenges of connecting with the next generation of investors, a group with diverse needs and expectations. She offers insights into how advisors can bridge this gap by offering educational and financial literacy programs, effectively engaging the younger generation.

Furthermore, the conversation covers tactics for delivering exceptional client experiences, including leveraging customer relationship management systems for personalized service. Jackie addresses the value of deliberate communication, proactive issue resolution, and the element of delightful surprises to enhance client satisfaction.

Jackie explores the evolving communication dynamics in the digital era and demonstrates how financial experts can adjust by reusing content and establishing more personal connections. To conclude the episode, Jackie shares her dedication to enabling advisors and expanding their reach to assist more families. 

Prepare to uncover valuable advice for navigating the dynamic financial industry and excelling in client service!

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