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PodOn Podcast - StudioPod Media EPISODE 4, 18th June 2020
Planning your Episodes
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Planning your Episodes

On this PodOn episode, TJ and Julian talk about a key step for both scrappy and expert podcasters: planning. Podcasting is booming and everybody wants to start a podcast, but most creators underestimate the amount of work and time it takes to even release the first episode. Experimenting with the format, considering recording time, and sharing information with your guests are some of the key steps you should make before even plugging in the microphone. Listen to today’s episode to learn from TJ and Julian’s expertise in podcast planning.

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(03:30) - Focus on defining a format and theme for your podcast - ‘Just because the Pod On podcasts are gonna be about the educational format, it doesn't mean we can also have an interview.’

(04:25) - Finding your episode frequency, being consistent, and batch recording - ‘Who says that you have to do it for 52 weeks out of the year... maybe do two months' worth of content.’ 

(08:00) - How long should each episode be and how much time it takes to produce - ‘People want to talk for an hour... And then overtime, you see that they get shorter and shorter because they realize how much time is being invested.’

(09:14) - If your recording is too long, don't cut it short! - ‘They had an awesome interview, they didn't want to cut any of the content because it was too good, so we decided to break it out into two episodes and release them on the same day.’

PodOn is hosted by TJ Bonaventura and Julian Lewis, founders of the full-service podcast company based in San Francisco, StudioPod. If you want more details on how to fully record and produce your podcast with our services, you can reach us at http://studiopodsf.com, send us an email at info@studiopodsf.com or contact us through our social media channels as @studiopodsf. Music by GaryOAKland.