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#12 Data-Centric Application Development and Data Mesh - Interview w/ Dan DeMers
Episode 125th January 2022 • Data Mesh Radio • Data as a Product Podcast Network
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In this episode, Scott interviews Dan DeMers, Co-Founder and CEO of Cinchy, a dataware platform / data fabric provider. Dan shares his thoughts on why data-centric application design is the best way to deal with the challenges of applications and analytics needing the same data for different purposes - the current approach is to let the application schema evolve whenever and however necessary and the underlying data applications suffer. Dan's view is "share access to data, not copies."

The interview ties loosely with previous interviews re schema/data contracts and data testing as Dan argues using a dataware approach will prevent the issues of an evolving application schema breaking data consumption downstream.

It isn't all rosy as this will take a fair bit of work for an organization to move to this approach. Food for thought and the first of a series of interviews re DDD (domain-driven design) for data and data-centric application development.

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