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Bell Green: Friday morning in Riley Square
Episode 29th May 2022 • Our Cov • Coventry City of Culture Trust
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It’s cold and cloudy in Riley Square. Shoppers are headed to the supermarket, a child zips about on his bike, people are sipping coffee outside the cafe, and there’s even an event outside the library today.

Riley Square was once one of the hottest shopping destinations of the city, but some say it’s become grey and dreary, it’s often forgotten and overlooked. 

We’ve included Bell Green in our soundscape series to remind people that Riley Square is still standing, and there’s still life in the old dog yet…

It’s not compulsory, but these soundscapes are best listened to while wearing headphones! All conversations are authentic and real. The recordings were captured using a binaural microphone between January and April 2022. You can also hear these soundscapes in the accompanying storyteller episodes in our first series.

Sound design by Clare Freeman, opening music by Mintakaa. ‘Our Cov’ podcast series is a Coventry City of Culture Trust commission, created and produced by A Small Furry Bear Productions.