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The Narrative Project With Mercy A. Quaye
Episode 3820th February 2024 • Communicate Like You Give A Damn • Kim Clark
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In the next captivating episode of Communicate Like You Give A Damn, hosted by Kim Clark, Mercy A. Quaye, founder of The Narrative Project, recounts a pivotal moment in 2015 when, amidst the aftermath of Eric Garner's tragic death, she organized a community conversation on race and identity at a local coffee shop in New Haven. What started as a modest gathering blossomed into a powerful dialogue, drawing in 60 attendees eager to explore the question: who controls the black narrative? Mercy reflects on the diverse perspectives that emerged that day, from recognizing media influence to the responsibility of white allies in reshaping narratives. She shares how this experience inspired her to establish The Narrative Project, dedicated to integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into communication strategies. Tune in for insights on navigating biases, reclaiming heritage, and fostering genuine connections across communities.

About The Guest:

Mercy boasts over a decade-long career spanning journalism, communications, and public relations in New Haven and statewide, culminating in the establishment of The Narrative Project, aimed at providing top-tier communications solutions for socially impactful organizations. Transitioning from traditional journalism, she delved into mission-oriented communication roles within the public and non-profit sectors, advocating for equitable education and undocumented students' rights. Holding key positions like Managing Director of External Affairs with Educators for Excellence and Director of Communications with New Haven Public Schools, Mercy's work underscores her commitment to effecting positive social change through collaboration and amplifying underrepresented narratives, influenced by her upbringing in West River, a community marked by opportunity disparities. Her multifaceted background, from navigating various faiths to engaging in outdoor pursuits and advocating for social justice, informs her unique perspective. Additionally, she serves as a digital journalism professor at Southern Connecticut State University and remains active in professional journalism organizations. Mercy earned her Bachelors in Journalism and Masters in Public Relations from Quinnipiac University.

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The Narrative Project Website

About Kim:

Kim Clark (she/her) focuses her work on the communicator and content creator's role in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She is the co-author of The Conscious Communicator: The fine art of not saying stupid sh*t, an Amazon #1 bestseller and the leading voice for DEI communications and social justice messaging for brands.

She speaks at conferences, writes custom workshops, writes inclusive communications guides, and consults with companies on all things related to diversity, equity, and inclusion communications. Kim is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a cisgender woman, Native American (Muscogee Nation) and a mom of two kids with disabilities. These marginalized identities and the privileges that come with society seeing her as White motivate her daily for social change.

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