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Plant-Based Food Truck: Driving Through Uncertain Times
Episode 126th July 2020 • Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories • Tamika Bickham
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Opening a new business comes with challenges of its own, but Carla Joseph and her husband were really put to the test when they started their new restaurant venture weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States -- followed by mandatory stay at home orders. In Episode 12 of Lift  U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Carla Joseph joins us to share what it was like to completely change her business plan for BurgerHive, a plant-based restaurant and food truck. 

After living a plant-based lifestyle for more than a decade, the couple knew it was time to open their business and start their legacy. They did not let anything slow them down. They saw a lack of healthy, flavorful options in the South Florida community and took it upon themselves to change that. While they prepare their restaurant for a world without COVID-19, they serve their meals out of a food truck to happy customers around South Florida. 



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