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“Can I Actually Freelance? I’m Doubting My Skills”
Episode 2634th December 2023 • Freelancer to CEO • Aubree Malick | Virtual Assistant
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Ever wondered if you could freelance, but fears and doubts about your skills are holding you back? In this podcast episode, we dive deep into these common concerns and I will show you the potential you already have! From learning on the go, growing your skills, and leveraging your resourcefulness to become a sought-after freelancer.

Join me for today’s episode as we talk about: 

  • Overcoming the fear of not having "enough" skills – spoiler: you've got more than you think!
  • Creating a freelance service from your passions and interests.
  • How to embrace new skills and grow as you dive into freelancing.
  • The true power lies in your resourcefulness and problem-solving attitude – clients love it!

Other Resources: 

  • Want to learn how to become a virtual assistant? Sign up for my FREE 30 minute VA training. Get your behind-the-scenes peek at how I started my virtual assistant business and replaced my full-time salary with no prior experience, seven months pregnant with a 1.5 year old running around! Get instant access now >>  
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