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45. Finding your WHY and connecting to your PASSION
Episode 457th June 2023 • Her Next Career Move • Jasmine Escalera
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Girl, are you showing up in your career the way you want to? 

If you're shaking your head, 'no,' you need to connect to your why. 

When you're fully connected to your why: why you're starting your business, why you're on this career path, why you're serving the people you serve, you become unstoppable. 

In today's solo episode, Dr. Jasmine shares why identifying your why is a game-changer in letting go of creeping doubts throughout your career. With her own recent experience with self-doubt and tangible tips to get you started on finding your why, this bite-sized episode will help you connect to your PASSION. 🔥


In today's episode, we cover the following:

  • Dr. Jasmine's experience filming her upcoming LinkedIn course
  • Dr. Jasmine's own experience connecting to her "why"
  • Why connecting to your "why" is your POWER
  • 3 things to figure out what your "why" is


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