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DIJ 03: Fault Finding, Meaning Making, & Callout Culture w Enroue Halfkenny
Episode 326th March 2021 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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On this episode, Shadiin and Delma talk: adulting from paying off car notes to watching cat videos, and trade highs and lows. The episode features guest, Enroue Halfkenny, who identifies as a 52-year old, Boston-born, multi-racial, cisgender Black male raised by organizers and activists who taught him the importance of community liberation movements to address systemic oppression. Enroue shares a Yoruba ancestor song, honoring the totality of our sacred ancestral lineage thanking them for our blessings and speaks about his practice of “healing and liberation counseling.” Enroue dives directly into callout culture, trauma, triggers, and what’s real and true, all in the service of healing what needs to be healed so we can be as free as possible.





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