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Everything Is Hard w/ Dr. Beth Maly
Episode 727th April 2021 • The Get More Podcast • Cassie Anne
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In line with Just Star April we are going to be chatting with brand new coach Dr Beth Maly who is going into her first launch. We chat all the scary things that come up when getting ready to take that first step but also just how exciting and empowering it can all be to just take the action. 

Meet  Dr. Beth, 

I am a licensed Naturopathic Physician and founder of The A.W.L. Process. I help ambitious and highly motivated women suffering from stubborn weight, anxiety, low energy and brain fog to feel sexy and confident! My curiosity in both Eastern and Western medicine led me to attend Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where I graduated in June 2020. While in clinical rotations I worked extensively with type 2 diabetics & pre-diabetics, thyroid and autoimmune patients, and other hormonal disorders. I bring compassion and a listening ear to my patients who otherwise have felt unheard or thrown to the side because their symptoms “are just in their head” – I understand that not all symptoms are physical and the invisible symptoms are just as important as physical symptoms. I also understand that "common" does not equal "normal". I was told in school time and time again that we have 2 routes, either get hired on as a physician at a clinic, or start your own clinic which may or may not be successful. I watched my dad literally work himself to death - he passed in August of 2020 & that set me back, but it was a good set back because my dad's passing really pushed me to follow the life I wanted to live, and pushed me to not have to work under someone else's thumb. With the support of my husband saying "do it!", I decided to go the non-traditional route and build my first signature program so that I can reach more of those who need me, while getting the work-life balance I want. I went through my own weight struggles through school, which is why The A.W.L. Process is so near and dear to my heart; I was able to use and apply these same principles I teach inside my program to lose my weight and keep it off.

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