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Episode 537th April 2022 • The Catherine B. Roy Show • Catherine B. Roy
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How transforming suffering leads us to our twin flame

Sabin Karma is one of four identical quadruplet boys, a one in 600 million chance of birth! Because of the massive celebrity-like attention he and his brothers got solely for being quadruplets, he struggled to feel worthy of love as an individual. He always wanted to be unique and stand out from his brothers and did this by pursuing external goals to appear perfect in the eyes of everyone else, which led to a deep and silent inner suffering while everyone thought he had it all figured out. Only in recent years has he emerged out of this, realizing his specialness lied in the depths of his soul and not in the outside world, and it has formed the foundation for his purpose: to empower 1,000,000,000 lives to re–discover their truest self by challenging them to go deep inside to that part of them that truly makes them authentic and unique and then radiate that out and pay it forward so that every single human being on this Earth is seen, heard, valued, and loved for who they truly are at the depth of their soul, creating a world free of comparison, judgement, division, and unworthiness and instead filled with compassion and pure unconditional love for ourselves, each other, and our Creator. He fulfills this purpose as an authenticity coach at InsideOUT Institute, YouTuber, content creator, podcaster, and an aspiring global transformational speaker and author.


  1. Transforming suffering
  2. The journey to self discovery
  3. Twin flame story

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