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If You Don't Name It, You Shame It
Episode 358th March 2023 • Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast • Karine Bedard
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Episode35: If You Don't Name It, You Shame It


Today my special guest is Whitney Tougas.

Whitney is an intimacy and pleasure coach, speaker, and facilitator, teaching women with vulvas (and other humans) how to experience life-changing, transcendent orgasms, heal through radical full expression and sexual integration, and live performance-free and fully seen. 

She believes sexuality and relationships offer opportunities for deep healing, expansion, and self-actualization, and that most humans never scratch the surface of their birthright pleasure and innate sexual power… but that everyone can.

Whitney is the creator of the School of Sexual Sorcery and co-creator of Women Who Roar. In addition to her pleasure and intimacy work, she works with transgender women as a voice and expression coach.

We talk about the shame that often surrounds pleasure and sexuality. Children are often not given the names of their genitals growing up which can add to the shame we experience in adulthood. What you don't name, you shame!

In her School of Sexual Sorcery, she teaches the 5 Transcendent Orgasms:

1) Extended Clitoral Orgasms

2) G-spot, Squirting, Gushing Orgasms

3) Cervical Orgasms

4) Breath Energy Orgasms

5) Non-Genital Orgasms

Have you had any of these orgasms? Maybe it's time to learn.

If you would like to get in contact with Whitney, you can use the links below:

Whitney's Facebook page

@Embodied_mama on Instagram

Whitney's Website

Love, Karine

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