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WTH is going on with the election endgame? Gov. Scott Walker on Trump’s legal challenges and his prospects for victory
13th November 2020 • What the Hell Is Going On • American Enterprise Institute
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Two weeks after the election, President Trump has still not conceded victory to former Vice President Joe Biden. While the media has called the election for Biden, Trump has mounted several legal challenges, requesting recounts or hoping to toss votes in a number of key states.

Gov. Scott Walker joined Dany and Marc to discuss Trump’s refusal to concede, voter fraud, and the likelihood of a Trump victory. They also talk about whether Trump will run in 2024, and necessary changes to the mail-in and absentee voting systems moving forward.


Gov. Walker served as the 45th Governor of Wisconsin from 2011 to 2019. He is currently CEO of Young America’s Foundation and will become president in early 2021.

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