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25. How to Create a Scope and Sequence for Your ELL Program
Episode 253rd June 2022 • Equipping ELLs • Beth Vaucher, ELL, ESL Teachers
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What should I be doing with my ELL students? What are the targeted goals I should be keeping at the front of my mind, and how do I make sure that I’m hitting those goals? If you find yourself asking these questions, you are definitely going to want to tune into today’s episode and join in as we begin this summer series called Successfully Setting Up for the School Year. Each week this summer, we will walk through the foundations to getting set up now so you can start the year ready to go. These episodes will be short on time but big on action.

In today’s episode, we are kicking off the series with one of the most important places we need to start: getting an idea and path of where our ELLs need to go throughout the year. Today I’m breaking down the scope and sequence for ELLs plus providing you with a FREE year-long, done-for-you scope and sequence you can use for both intermediate and newcomers. When you have a clear direction for your ELLs, you’ll have more confidence in knowing that you are supporting them in the right ways. No longer will you be wasting time with your students and feeling frustrated with your efforts. Be sure to go and download the Bingo card board and join in the challenge. I’d love to see you there!

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