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Episode #9 How I turned my chaotic scatterbrain into a better user experience
Episode 99th July 2024 • The Queen of Automation • Meghan Donnelly
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Growing up with severe ADHD, high school was a nightmare for me.

I couldn’t sit through a class without feeling like my mind was running a marathon.

Fast forward to 19, I was a single mom juggling three jobs and feeling completely out of control. But guess what? I discovered the magical world of automation and digital technology, and it changed my life.

In this episode, I’m opening up about my chaotic journey and how I turned my hyperactivity into a superpower that helped me triple the growth of an e-com startup and build a multi-million dollar lead funnel for a billion-dollar company.

For all the entrepreneurs out there who struggle with focus, this one's for you. I’ll share the nitty-gritty of how I taught myself HTML and CSS, conquered the challenges of being a single mom, and eventually became known as the Queen of Automation.

If ADHD is your constant companion and you feel like it’s holding you back, tune in and let’s turn that hyperactivity into a secret weapon.

Remember, technology is only good when it works—so let's make it work for you!




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