Choosing the Perfect Skincare Gifts for Men
Episode 920th December 2023 • The Skin Report • Dr. Simran Sethi
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Choosing skincare gifts for others isn't always easy, and when shopping for the special men in your life, the task of picking the perfect present can seem even more challenging. Fortunately, this episode of The Skin Report is here to help!

The Skin Report is a podcast created to educate listeners on methods to improve skin health for people of all ethnicities and ages. In this episode, host Dr. Sethi provides her expertise on choosing the best holiday gifts for men, from products to procedures and everything in between! The episode teaches listeners about the ins and outs of men's skincare, citing the differences in men's skin biology. Dr. Sethi considers men's unique skin needs as she provides product recommendations, cosmetic treatments, and other hair growth procedures that will help them feel appreciated this holiday season!

As the founder of RenewMD Beauty Medical Spas and a woman of color, Dr. Sethi is dedicated to spreading science-backed skincare information on The Skin Report. Check out this episode to learn more about the best men's skincare gifts for the 2023 holiday season!

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