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Jeff and Alex Podcast - Alex Gonzalez & Jeff Hilimire EPISODE 3, 27th August 2020
Staying Inspired
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Staying Inspired

On this episode of The Jeff & Alex Podcast, the guys talk about what keeps them motivated. Listen along as they discuss their memory troubles, and why being driven by a meaningful purpose is crucial for your motivation and inspiration.

Jump to 1:12 to hear about Jeff’s Spunmafia podcast series.

Jump to 4:50 to hear about Alex’s “Corporate ADD”.

Jump to 6:40 to hear what keeps Jeff inspired.

Jump to 13:00 to hear how the guys stay inspired on a daily level, and how to have boundaries to avoid burnout.

Jump to 16:48 to hear about their experience with meditation.

Jump to 23:45 to hear about Jeff’s love of reading and Alex’s love of a good movie / tv show.

Jump to 28:20 to hear about Jeff’s sabbatical in Scotland and why recharging is important.

Jump to 35:31 to hear about the importance of balance.

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