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Follow Your Intuition as an HSP - with Sunil Godse
Episode 4 • 18th April 2022 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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One of my favorite things about creating the Happy Space Podcast has been meeting people who have figured out ways to be successful in integrating their HSP traits into their lives. Today, we speak about intuition with intuition expert and fellow HSP, Sunil Godse.

After realizing the reason why businesses fail to create a trusted brand is that they ignore their intuition, Sunil developed a process called Intuitive Branding. This process helps businesses leverage the power of intuition to create trusted brands that eliminate their competition in under 14 seconds.

 With his experience implementing intuitive branding for a number of his clients that have had their businesses go from 6 to 7 figures in revenues and being hired by major companies such as Citibank, SAP, Rogers Wireless, and Western Digital, and publishing his book Gut!; Sunil's advice works.

I invite you to listen and learn as we speak about:

00:05:07 Am I weird? Why do I focus like this?

00:06:28 How does sensitivity influence your work?

00:08:25 Why mirror neurons matter

00:09:47 How to grow in stressful situations

00:11:56 Trust your intuition with signals

00:14:00 What kind of signals to look for

00:16:20 Goosebumps

00:19:20 Red flags

00:22:40 Intuitive mediums

00:24:08 Four different types of intuition

00:31:00 Knowing your why


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