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Around the House® Home Improvement - Eric Goranson & Caroline Blazovsky EPISODE 559, 27th May 2018
How To Save Your BBQ, Your Sod And Your Toilet! 5-26-2018 Hour 2 -
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How To Save Your BBQ, Your Sod And Your Toilet! 5-26-2018 Hour 2 -

It's creeping slowly from Spring into Summer, and that means outdoor fun, and events. The BBQ is the center of many people's summer plans and it's a piece of equipment that is often overlooked when it comes to proper maintenance. Eric tells us how to clean BBQ's as well as talks with JT, the Cowboy Cook and BBQ expert about different cooking and maintenance techniques. Eric also talks about keeping your sod, and toilets in good shape. Are you doing a renovation or project and can't or don't want to wait until Eric can answer your question on the show? Send Eric an email at EricG@Salempdx.com, or join our new group on Facebook Around The House Nation designed to help people answer those questions, and featuring helpful experts to make your projects a little easier!

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