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115 | PDA and IEPs: bridging the gap between home and school for autistic learners
22nd May 2024 • EVOLVE with Dr. Tay: the podcast for parents of autistic kids • Dr. Taylor Day
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Dr. Tay, Jessica Hanzo, and Lisa Baskin Wright discuss:

  1. navigating the IEP process
  2. working with your child's school to have a shared understanding of PDA (pathological demand avoidance), a theorized profile of autism
  3. proposing appropriate accommodations and support strategies for PDA learners


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*please note: PDA is a theorized profile of autism and not a clinical diagnosis. however, it has been a helpful conceptualization for many parents to learn about how their child's brain is wired. our knowledge of PDA is currently unfolding and I do my best to share up-to-date, balanced information. to learn more about PDA, please listen to episode 110




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