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Summer Well Series: Are We Well?
Episode 25Bonus Episode18th August 2022 • Let's Take This Offline: The Podcast for Everyday Leaders • Kishshana Palmer
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Welcome Fab Friends!

Kishshana continues with the Summer Well Series and in this episode, she checks in on your wellness and well-being and what that really means for you as a leader right now in your work and in your life. Her mission is to make sure that you are leading a life you love, that you have a career you love and that you are healthy AF! 

Are You Well?

You must ask yourself and answer the question, “Are we well?” because leaders tend to spend their time focusing on everything else but themselves. How is stress showing up for you and are you paying attention to the signs or the clues?

It’s okay to name the places where you need help and to wonder what will happen if you say you’re not well. It's a real sign of leadership to know it, and then to be able to be conscious enough to redirect that energy, redirect that work, and reallocate those resources. 

Wellness Game Plan

As a leader, when you think about your own wellness there is a consciousness about how the things you do to activate or aggravate your practice of wellness implicates other people, your team members, your family members, your business, and yourself. When you think about answering the question, Are We Well?, you need to consider if you have an actual wellness game plan. When things feel like they are spiraling out of control do you have a game plan to turn to that helps get you back on track?  

Episode Highlights:

  • (1:04) You're invited to the 2022 Rooted Retreat; 
  • (4:12) Focus of this episode is the question, “Are We Well?”;  
  • (10:09) Navigating the question “Are We Well?”;  
  • (11:07) What if I say “I am not well?”;  
  • (14:47) Your wellness journey as a leader;  
  • (15:29) Your wellness game plan; 

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