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Behind the Scenes of Building a Star Wars FPS - Video Game Engineering Stories
Episode 4Bonus Episode11th May 2022 • Level-up Engineering • Coding Sans
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Interview with Charles Roman, Technical Director at Respawn Entertainment. He talks about setting up, leading, and scaling the engineering team behind Respawns' upcoming Star Wars FPS with no official title yet.

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In this interview we're covering:

  • The path to Respawn Entertainment
  • Adapting to remote management
  • Hiring video game engineers
  • Process changes
  • Utilizing feedback in video game engineering

Excerpt from the interview:

"Video game development is a cross-disciplinary process. You have artists, designers, and engineers, and you have to keep them aligned. For example, an artist may do something that impacts the performance of the game, so you have to get in front of these problems.

This is difficult to manage with a team of 60 people. You can't have a conversation with each of them, so you have to rely on your engineers to gather information on the ground level. You need to create an environment for that and focus on building relationships with other department heads, so the information flow works on each level."

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