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Emergency $20m Damien Hirst "The Currency" Drop episode
Episode 518th July 2021 • Floor is Rising • Floor is Rising Podcast
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Damien Hirst released a $20m drop called "The currency" on Sabretooth and Kizu review the drop and discuss;

  • The $2000 per piece and $20m project price tag, is it worth it?
  • How the art of "The currency" fits with the historical context of Hirst's works
  • The possible motivations of Hirst to do an NFT drop at this stage in his career
  • The possible emergence of NFT vs Crypto market cycle timings
  • The gatekeeping mechanism in this drop vs traditional art scene
  • The mechanics of the interaction between the NFT and Physical prints in this drop and how to think about the game theory involved.
  • The problems associated with bridging NFTs across blockchains
  • PREDICTIONS: Which pieces are going to worth the most
  • PREDICTIONS: Which traits will drive price appreciation