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REWIND! Your Baby is Autistic - Congratulations! Embracing Your New Normal
Episode 614th April 2022 • In My Shoes Stories from Women of Color • Karin Davis-Thompson
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It's Autism Awareness Month and we are talking to Tiffany Hutchinson, a mom with a son on the spectrum. She talks about the rough road getting to a diagnosis, how she felt when she finally had answers and what she thinks are some of the misconceptions many have about children with autism.

The experience led her to use her love of writing to write about the experience and from there, she started her blog, A Mama Bear and Her Cub:

April is Autism Awareness Month and I can't wait for you to listen to this discussion. Moms of color have a story to tell about raising children with autism and this story is inspirational, relatable and real ya'll, so let's get into it!