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HILFH #33 Dr. Zaher Wahab
Episode 3330th July 2023 • How It Looks From Here • Full Ecology, LLC
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Dr Zaher Wahab is professor emeritus of Education at Lewis & Clark College, and former senior advisor to the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education. Dr Wahab, also taught at American University of Afghanistan from 2013 to 2020.

Zaher was born and schooled in Afghanistan. He was the first person in his family’s history to attend the "village school," a boarding school in Kabul, and later received scholarships to attend college in Lebanon and the US. He earned a BA in sociology from The American University of Beirut, an MA in comparative education from Teachers College at Columbia University, and both an MA in anthropology and a PhD in international development education from Stanford University.

Zaher is dedicated to praxis - the practical application of our best thinking to real life challenges. He and Mary take this time to dig deep into the ways praxis can be applied in support of climate justice and repair.

In our conversation you will get a sense of the vast and direct knowledge Zaher has of education and society across the globe. Listen to this advocate for global understanding and respect. Consider with us how these fundamental ways of being naturally show up in our honoring of both interdependence and sovereignty.

You can learn more about Dr. Wahab's work and vision by searching through his abundant contributions on the internet.

Peace Action:

Columbia University Center for Oral History:

Connect with Zaher’s most recent thoughts by watching the you tube of his 2022 talk, with the Schiller Institute and entitled, “Dialogue, Not a Clash of Civilizations.”

Learn more about the Brazilian educational philosopher Paolo Freire who has been such an inspiration to Zaher.


Kabul is ranked the 12th most polluted capitol in the world.

Afghanistan is the 6th environmentally the most damaged country in the world.

Ecological disasters in Afghanistan have displaced millions of Afghans.

Only 13% of Afghans have safe drinking water and 15% electricity.


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