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Finding a Common Framework & Post Launch Metrics
Episode 43rd November 2021 • Innovation Metrics • Elijah Eilert
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About the Episode

Elijah Eilert speaks to Jael Kong who until recently was working with a leading FMCG company. She is jam-packed with insights and will speak with us about the systemic problems large organisations have when making (kill, pivot, persevere) decisions specifically after launching new products. 

Jael also gives us a glimpse into an early post-launch tracking approach that leverages the Pirate Metrics Framework ((A)AARRR).

Our favourite quote from Jael:

“We often underestimate what we can achieve in a year and way overestimate what we can do in a day - that's the mother of stress.”

Jael’s Cheatsheet for Metrics and Data Sources

“Jael Kong’s Cheatsheet for Metrics and Data Sources” draws on the Pirate Metric Framework ((A)AARRR). Use it for pre and early post launch product tracking to support critical kill, pivot, persevere decisions.


Topics and Insights

  • (00:50) Introducing Jael and her company LevelUPPP
  • (03:00) 80% of product launches fail and how to define failure 
  • (05:00) The issues with lagging indicators 
  • (07:30) On Product-Market-Fit and the problem with placing too many large scale and expensive bets 
  • (13:00) Why it is hard to Pivot in a system that is designed for execution with siloed teams and different KPI’s
  • (15:30) The accountability/non-accountability of early innovation teams post-launch 
  • (17:00) How to improve the handover and knowledge transfer between teams
  • (20:00) On the use of Experiment Report Cards / Learning Report Cards
  • (23:00) The need for an Innovation Bookkeeper / Innovation Accountant)
  • (27:30) A systematic approach to post launch tracking - Get Jael’s Cheat Cheat for Metrics & Data Sources   
“If it’s not measured, it's not treasured”
  • (29:30) The issue with placing more bets than a company can handle and monitor 
  • (31:30) On innovation ecosystems that rewards the wrong behaviour
  • (33:30) How the Pirate Metrics Framework / Innovation Accounting can be part of the solution
  • (43:00) Using Pirate Metrics for an ‘Early Post Launch Tracker' and introducing dog food as an example
  • (46:30) How to measure customer satisfaction (or the dog food user satisfaction)
  • (51:30) The importance for financial viability and the potential disconnect between innovation teams and business analysts/finance departments
  • (54:00) Early indicators and Jael’s book Living Happily Ever After 
  • (56:30) How alignment, clear goals, reward structure and open communication are essential for pivots and how to do it, including retargeting.
  • (106:00) Jael’s biggest tips for corporate innovators 

About the Guest 

Jael Kong is passionate about developing people and teams to their most powerful selves, and no surprise, through innovating themselves and their contribution to the ecosystem around them.

Jael has recently stepped down from a full-time corporate innovator leadership role in a leading FMCG company and started her own consultancy LevelUPPP to dedicate more time to supporting teams, leaders, and individuals to better achieve their goals in a sustained manner.

Jael Kong is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach and accredited by the International Coach Federation and a certified Agile Team Coach. With over 17 years of human insights experience in different matrix corporations and having lived and worked out of Singapore, China, and currently The Netherlands, Jael discovered her purpose and calling in supporting her fellow human beings in their search for a more meaningful fulfilling life. 

Jael is also the author of Life Happily Ever After - Find It Between Your Choice And Commitment. A book to accompany you on your personal adventure to pursue more fulfilment and satisfaction. The book is filled with practical exercises and reflection questions grounded in coaching principles and techniques.

Connect with Jael 

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