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SPECIAL - LSE Generate: F&B Deep Dive Programme Launch
Episode 26913th December 2023 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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EP 269 - We popped into the London School of Economics launch of their Food & Beverage Deep Dive Programme as part of LSE Generate, the school's home for entrepreneurship.

We spoke to the Head of LSE Generate LJ Silverman, and to keynote speakers who are at the forefront of their industries about their business lives, tips and advice:

Julian Hitch - Chief Culture and Mindset Officer at Grow Up Farms

Duncan O'Brien - Founder of Dalston Soda

Jade Hoai - Director of Purchasing and Operations at Whole Foods Market

Duncan Sterling - Co Founder of Inception Group

Hannah Perry - UK Food Service Manager at Tony's Chocolonely


00:00 Introduction to LSE Generate

00:36 Sustainability in Entrepreneurship

02:20 Challenges and Opportunities in FMCG

02:58 Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

03:39 The Importance of Hiring the Right People

04:17 The Pitfalls of Keeping Ideas Secret

04:48 The Power of Empathetic Leadership

06:54 Interviews with Keynote Speakers

07:47 Community in the Hospitality Industry

11:22 Breaking into FMCG

15:58 Struggles and Triumphs of the Chocolate Industry

17:19 Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

18:48 Self-Care and Balance in Business

25:18 Conclusion and Thanks

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