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Lean Out to Level Up with Crista Grasso
Episode 8811th January 2022 • The Driven Woman Entrepreneur • Diann Wingert
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I am excited to introduce you to today’s guest on The Driven Woman Podcast;  Business Strategist for online entrepreneurs, Crista Grasso.  Crista and I met at the She Podcasts Live conference and I totally fell in love with her brilliance.  Her genius is helping other entrepreneurs remove the unnecessary complexity in their business so they become more profitable as they grow.

Crista’s system, The Lean Out Method is designed to create simple, sustainable, strategic systems that scale.  She is known as The Business Optimizer and her superpower is helping entrepreneurs cut through the noise and see their business with clarity, so they can maximize both value and profitability. 

What I saw her scratch out on the back of a notepad over lunch convinced me that I need her to help me take MY business to the next level, so I decided to hire her.  I am actually attending her two-day Lean Out & Level Up retreat this very week! 

Here is a sneak peek of what you are going to learn in this value-packed interview:

  • Crista’s CHUK system which stands for Cut, Hold, Change, Keep 
  • Having a killer client fulfillment system prevents buyers’ remorse 
  • When you’re ready to scale (and when you are NOT ready) 
  • How to scale and still serve clients 1:1 

Quotables to listen for in this interview: 

  • Systematize what you want to repeat 
  • Scaling amplifies what you already have 

 Also mentioned, Crista’s favorite project management system: 

So, I bet you can’t wait to know more about today’s fabulous guest,  Crista Grasso, right? 


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