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SRVD Radio - Rafael 'Raf' Jauregui EPISODE 3, 28th August 2019
SRVD RADIO 'Decisions | Planning | Focused Vision'
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SRVD RADIO 'Decisions | Planning | Focused Vision'

Well, it is ALWAYS an adventure with Raf and SRVD...the very first SRVD Radio show with a co-host.

Who is it?

Well listen in and FIND OUT! :)

- In our first SRVD Radio Mentor Minute of the Week, we chat about the importance of Decisions.

- Then in the SRVD Mission Brief we ponder this:

"Does LUCK exist?"

We also discuss these scary words: Transition and Planning

- We wrap up with the SRVD Leaving to Living Debrief -- we explore a key component BEFORE planning happens: Vision

"I'll see you on the line...Onward!!!" - Raf


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