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Bit Storm - Ben Slinger and Trevor Scott EPISODE 244, 16th August 2021
244: Eurofishin' Contest 2022 (featuring Alex Krause)
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244: Eurofishin' Contest 2022 (featuring Alex Krause)

Ben and Trevor apply the lessons learned from their podcast punch-up with Alex Krause, and the three of them blast forth some video game ideas, such as:

  • A detective/factory game where you are building guns and solving murders
  • serving up coffee to otherworldly creatures
  • an Overcooked style micro-management game set in a school
  • discover an undercurrent of conspiracy on social platform Jacebook
  • fishing invades every popular sporting (or otherwise) competition
  • and more!

Check out Alex's podcast over at http://bigtallboys.com or https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/big-tall-boys-1211360!